About Us

Sandy Pringle and Associates (SPA) is a highly valued provider of contract DSA Project Inspectors (formerly known as Inspector of Records, IOR) in Southern California. Since its inception in 1984, SPA has successfully provided contract Project Inspectors to K-14 school districts in the Greater LA area on over 500 school projects including new constructions, modernizations, renovations, additions, and other program-wide projects.

We have gained tremendous experience with all sizes and types of school construction projects. The SPA Team brings forth a vast knowledge of construction and DSA inspections expertise with over 400 years combined

Our Approach

SPA has built its reputation on a commitment to providing the highest quality Inspection Consultants for the District by being highly responsive to the Districts individual needs, while at the same time providing cost-effective, reliable service.

The primary strategy is providing superior customer satisfaction while maintaining quality. It is fundamental to our working philosophy that SPA monitors its contract Inspectors working professionally to fulfill their inspection duties and minimize potential litigations for the clients.

Division of the State Architect Certified Inspection Services

We provide experienced team members for all Classes of DSA Project Inspection.

SPA Offers Start to Finish Project Closeout Services

We have learned how important it is to be proactive in this area, to open and maintain procedures.

Our team

Our Big Community

Meet our talented, skilled and friendly team! These are people who create all our projects. Together we do one major and important job – design, construction and building for people.

Steven Jackson

Executive Manager

Steven co-founded Buildwall in 1990. Steven is constantly discovering new solutions to issues that arise during the work process and


Frank Roberts

Senior Foreman

Frank is in charge of all our workers. He joined us in 2006 and managed to organize a close-knit team.


Andrew Rooney

Remodeling Consultant

With a decade at Buildwall and a lifetime in the industry, Andrew Rooney has been an invaluable part of our


Nick Holmes

Project Manager

With a decade at Buildwall and a lifetime in the industry, Andrew Rooney has been an invaluable part of our

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